Center Achievements

The main achievements

  • Eight research papers were published in ISI journals through this unit in time period (4/1432 to 2/1435), as well as one publication in normal journal
  • Publishing a Hydrological Atlas of MakkahAl Mukaramah catchments
  • Establishment of a research group that consist of 19 researchers belongs to several sectors including some other international institutions mainly concern about water resources issues and named as Water Resources Research Group (WRRG)
  • Preparation and developing a high precise digital elevation map of Saudi Arabia
  • Establishing a digital data base for rainfall in Saudi Arabia.

Water Research Center Achievements

Completed Projects 

  • Reconstruction of Zubaida Spring in Mecca (First, Second and Third Phases).
  • Reducing groundwater levels in several cities in the kingdom
  • Strategic storing for water in Mecca( first phase)
  • Water Research Database (First Phase).

Workshops & Conference


  • Workshop on "Wastewater and Reuse in Groundwater" (November 4-6, 2000)

  • Workshop on "Bottled Water" (September 28, 2005)

  • Workshop on "Dengue Fever" (March 22, 2006)

  • 4th International Conference on Water Springs (April 2-4, 2006)

  • Workshop on "Coastal Environmental Pollution" (Jan. 30, 2008)




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