Vision & Mission


To be a pioneer in water research at national and regional levels.




To develop a roadmap and lead initiatives to solve water problems at local, national and regional levels through innovative research, education, consultation, technology transfer and information dissemination.

Primary Objectives


  1. Contributing in seeking the means and research bases related to water sector which achieves increasing its resources and reducing consumption.

  2. Contributing in proposing scientific solutions for water problems and issues through researches and scientific and applied studies.

  3. Providing scientific and financial consultations for public and private  authorities connected with these water issues and providing them with the necessary information which helps in achieving the plans .

  4. Providing the researchers and interested parties with the results of researches and studies with the relevant authorities .

  5. Presenting conferences , sessions and training courses .

  6. Transferring and settling the technology in water domain through communication with international research centers.












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