1- Distinct Research Study.

 Funded by:  Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR), King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah

Grant No.: 123-001-D1434

Title:  “Evaluation the relationship between the main lineaments trends and the geometry of the drainage network using SPOT-5 and SRTM data: A case study from Bulghah area, Saudi Arabia”.

Research Team:  Ahmed Madani   and  Burhan Niyazi


2- Training Course.

Title: Remote Sensing Principles

Duration: 10 Days

Place: Water Research Center “RS-unit”.               Attendance: RS&GIS unit staff

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Madani

Topics: What is Remote Sensing?  - Electromagnetic Radiation - Electromagnetic Spectrum - Interactions with the Atmosphere - Radiation - Target - Passive vs. Active Sensing - Characteristics of Images - Satellite Characteristics - Pixel Size, and Scale - Spectral Resolution - Radiometric Resolution - Temporal Resolution  - Cameras and Aerial Photography - Multispectral Scanning - Thermal Imaging - Geometric Distortion  - Land Observation Satellites – Landsat satellite series -SPOT satellite series - ASTER – Overview on RS applications.


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