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One of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century is water shortage worldwide. Decision makers in the world's governments must pay attention to this major problem and provide alternative solutions for social and economic development in this vital and important field. In an era overwhelmed by such challenges and problems of water resources and increasing demand, the increase in population has led to a significant rise in global water consumption by about seven times in the twentieth century. On the other hand, scientists believe that global climate change will lead to changes in the hydrological cycle and to increasing weather extremes such as droughts and floods. This may present new challenges for the use and management of water resources at all levels. After this shortage of water resources has reached levels that require rapid intervention and participation in providing exploration for alternative solutions, the search for alternative water resources and their good management and preservation is no longer confined to government agencies, but has become a national responsibility involving individuals, institutes and universities, each according to its competences and capabilities. Hence the role of the university as an essential and vital factor in achieving the desired goals of exploring, assessing, managing and sustaining water for the present and future generations for sustainable development.



To be a pioneer in water research at national and regional levels

To develop a roadmap and lead initiatives to solve water problems at local, national and regional levels through innovative research, education, consultation, technology transfer and information dissemination

Contributing in seeking the means and research bases related to water sector which achieves increasing its resources and reducing consumption
Contributing in proposing scientific solutions for water problems and issues through researches and scientific and applied studies
Providing scientific and financial consultations for public and private authorities connected with these water issues and providing them with the necessary information which helps in achieving the plans